Most workers compensation claims arise from a specific on-the-job injury, such as falling or lifting. By far, specific injuries are the most common type of workers’ compensation claims.


However, while most states refuse to acknowledge “wear and tear” can also

occur from repetitive work, California offers its workers more protection than most states and provides workers compensation benefits for these types of injuries.


What Are Cumulative Trauma Injuries?


Simply put, injuries or conditions that develop over time from work is a potential cumulative trauma claim.

Examples might include developing carpal tunnel syndrome after years of typing, hearing impairments caused by repeated exposure to loud noises, lung injury caused by exposure to hazardous materials, as well as chronic knee, back or joint pain as a result of repetitive motions or exposures on the job.


Can Psychological injury Also Be Caused by Cumulative Trauma?

Psychological injury that relates to your job may also be caused by Cumulative Trauma.  However, special laws apply these claims they do not apply to physical injury claims.


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