If you are dealing with the effects of a work injury or condition, the last thing you need is to worry about who is paying for the medical bills.


After all, it’s not your fault you were injured – you were just doing the job your employer asked you to do.


The California State Constitution (yes, our Constitution) gives you the right to medical treatment at the employers expense.


In fact, the employer must provide you IMMEDIATE medical treatment, and not just for the injuries they admit happened, but for ALL claimed injuries.


If the employer denies responsibility for all, or part, of your injuries, you have the right to get an opinion from a physician to determine if the injury or condition is work related.


If the employer (or its adjuster) refuse or neglect providing treatment, under specific circumstances, you may be able to select a doctor of your own choice and without any cost to you.


Many injured workers hope they will “shake the injury off”, or that it will just go away. This is an understandable human reaction – no one likes bad news.


But if your injury or condition becomes serious, delay in reporting it to your employer can be a big mistake – and can severely damage your health, and your legal rights.


If you have suffered an injury or condition that you believe is work related, get evaluated as soon as possible to document the conditions to protect your health and claims.


If you need help obtaining the medical treatment you deserve, don’t wait for things to “get better”.


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