If you’ve been injured on the job or developed a condition because of work, and you have permanent damage to

your health or activities, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation permanent disability benefits.


When Will Permanent Disability Be Determined?

In most cases, a permanent disability cannot be determined until your treatment has ended, or your doctor has released you from active treatment. This stage of the claim

Is often referred to as “MMI” ( Maximum Medical Improvement) or P&S (Permanent & Stationary).


What Is A Rating?

Once you reach “MMI”, a rating will be determined by a physician, and a permanent disability award will be offered. Often, doctors disagree on what the rating should be, and often miss parts of the body that are injured. Remember, EVERY body part and function that is permanently damaged should be assessed and rated.


Permanent Disability Payment

If you are ultimately awarded permanent disability benefits by a judge, the approved amount will be calculated based on various California guidelines. While insurance companies want you to believe that what you are entitled to is “set in stone”, nothing could be further from the truth because each person recovers from injuries differently, and the law provides that you should be awarded permanent disability benefits based on YOUR recovery.


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