Most employers insist that you get your treatment with doctors they assign to you – whether they are doing a good job or not. These Medical Provider Network (MPN) doctors often care more about cutting costs than taking care of your health. Even when the MPN doctor requests certain treatment, the insurance company delays or denies it.

But some injuries are serious and complex. They require specialized medical attention and could prevent you from returning to your regular job. You better believe the claims adjuster is preparing their case right from the beginning – and you better believe they are looking out for themselves.

Often, the claims adjuster will insist that you see their “network” doctors, and may have their “representatives” show up to your medical appointments (usually nurses). Medical treatment that you obviously need after the hospitalization isn’t so obvious to the claims adjuster.

When you are struggling physically, emotionally and financially due to a serious injury, don’t wait for things to get better. Act. Find out your rights.

I have dedicated my practice to helping injured workers who are facing an uncertain physical, emotional and financial future. I am passionate and relentless about pursuing my client’s workers compensation rights when it matters most – when everything you have worked for is at risk.

When you have suffered a serious work injury, time is not on your side. Generally, the sooner you get the treatment you need, the better the outcome. While the claims adjuster is busy figuring out what is best for them, you suffer by the delays. Getting the documentation you need to prove your case is critical so that disputes can be brought before a Workers Compensation Judge as soon as possible. I manage your claim personally, unlike many other firms that have less experienced lawyers handling your case.

You deserve an experienced and aggressive attorney, and fair results. Call me for a free consultation.