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Work Related Vision Loss? Here is what you need to know.

Vision is precious.

When your vision is compromised, literally every daily activity is affected – including work activities.

If your vision has been damaged due to a work injury, you may have the right to workers compensation benefits. 

Types Of Work-Related Vision Loss

The most common workplace injuries to the eyes occur when a flying object hits the eye and caused immediate damage.

Less obvious work-related eye injuries could occur due to:

  • Medication is given for pain.
  • Hypertensive changes in the eyes due to work stress.
  • A stroke in the central retinal vein due to cardiovascular disease due to work.
  • Aggravation of diabetes due to the work environment or pain from an injury.
  • Chemical splash, or toxic exposure.

Workers Compensation Benefits For Vision Damage 

Vision loss can be devastating. Not only can it cause challenges in keeping your job, you may have difficulty finding a new one.

Daily activities outside of work can also be drastically affected. You may be entitled to Workers Compensation benefits including medical treatment, temporary disability while you are recuperating, and permanent disability benefits if there is permanent damage.

Here to help.

If you have questions about your work-related vision loss, contact us at 714-547-5025. We are conveniently located in central Orange County.

The consultation is free.

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