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When A Work Injury Happens, Pick The Right Lawyer

If you have a serious injury or illness caused by work, it’s important to have an experienced work injury lawyer helping you through the maze of paperwork and decisions. Remember, work injury lawyers don’t get paid unless there is a recovery. 

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when selecting a work injury lawyer:

  1. Personal Service 

Many injury firms have a lot of cases, a lot of lawyers, and try “specialize” in many areas of law. If you have a minor injury, that may work for you.

We are different. We limit our practice to one area of law – serious work injuries.

By being very selective in the cases we take, we can offer the personal service you deserve.

  1. Experience Counts 

Would you go to a restaurant that claims they have the best Italian AND Chinese food in town?

I wouldn’t either.

Yet, Many law firms handle many injury firms do just that.

Serious work injuries are complex, and there are changes in the law almost every day.

We have been handling serious work injury cases for nearly 30 years. That kind of experience makes a difference at the courthouse.

  1. The Passion to Get It Right 

Many law firms are run like restaurant chains – multiple locations, flashy advertising, production line results.

We consider our clients family, and we are relentless in the pursuing what our clients deserve. That is why we enjoy the highest rating our fellow lawyers can give us – Martindale Hubbell’s AV Preeminent.

For more information call us 714-547-5025.

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