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Returning to Light-Duty Work After A Work Injury

Many workers who are injured on the job are still able to work in some capacity after an injury. The employer may assign you to a modified workload, also known as light-duty, while you recover from the injury.

Light-Duty Work

Determining whether light-duty work is an option for you will depend on the treating doctors determination of the extent of the injury, and what physical limitations you have from performing your work duties. Once the work limitations are identified, the employer should try to find suitable work within those physical restrictions. It is also possible to continue receiving your wages while performing modified duties.

If there is no modified or light-duty work available, then you would likely be eligible to receive temporary disability benefits to cover your lost wages as long as you are not able to work. However, if you are offered light-duty work and you refuse it, you may not be eligible to receive temporary disability benefits.

Accommodation By Employer

When you suffer from a work injury that temporarily prevents you from performing your usual work duties, or you are able to perform limited duty, but the employer will not allow you to return in a limited capacity, you may be eligible for temporary disability benefits (TTD) while you are undergoing treatment.

If an employer does not honor your work restrictions you may have remedies in the workers’ compensation system as well as civil remedies.

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