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Know Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

Work injuries are not on the minds of most people – until you, or a loved one like mom, is hurt.

You want information. You jump on the internet and find a jungle of generic “information” about workers’ compensation. You try to figure out how it all relates to the situation.

Good luck.

While it is true an injured worker has potential rights under California law, the question is how do those laws relate to a particular injured worker?

The bottom line is that every work injury is unique, and each person experiences a work injury in a unique wayTherefore, the rights that arise from a work injury or condition are also unique

Don’t let a claims adjuster convince you of anything else. Their job is to jam your workers’ compensation benefits into generic tables that have little or nothing to do with your case – and save money at your expense.

If you or a loved one is dealing with workers’ compensation insurance adjusters and doctors that just don’t get it – call us at 714-547-5025.

We are here to help you establish the unique workers’ compensation rights and benefits you, or your mom, deserve.

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