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It’s Not Just About The F***ing Dollar

Before I began another day fighting a thicket of delays, denials, and excuses that prevent my clients from getting the medical treatment and benefits they are legitimately entitled to, I looked at the latest workers compensation news.

One headline in Work Comp Central got my attention. It read:

“Industry Profits Continue to Rise, NCCI Reports”

The fact that the insurance industry has continued to make obscene profits at the expense of legitimately injured workers comes as no surprise – this is something we’ve known for almost a decade – maybe longer.

No, it wasn’t the headline that moved me to write this – it was the giddy pronouncements in the article over the mountains of cash the industry is making – while they simultaneously hack away at injured workers rights in legislatures across the country. One observer in the article admitted, “We have never seen this level of financial performance” – yet not a single word about how well the workers’ compensation system is performing for injured workers.

The article ends with a quote from an industry insider: “Life is pretty great right now”. My question is exactly who it “great” for? Insurance company executives? Certainly not for legitimately injured workers.

In fact, the insurance industry is pushing plans to eliminate whole categories of injured workers rights here in California, including the “wear and tear” injuries that can happen during a long career.

The insurance industry’s motive is clear – make as much money as possible. The legislature and Governor of each State – including California – must keep these powerful insurance interests at bay, and increase – rather than decrease – protections for workers.

And no – I’m not going to edit my title. People matter. Injured people need someone to stand up for them. It’s not just about the f****ing dollar!

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