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Getting Your Permanent Disability Rating

If you are receiving workers’ compensation, you may be evaluated at some point for a permanent disability rating.

The process usually begins with a treating doctor and/or Qualified Medical Examiner ( QME ) issuing an opinion about your Whole Person Impairment Rating (WPI). The WPI rating of each doctor will be submitted to the Disability Evaluation Unit (DEU) for the State of California which will convert the WPI into a permanent disability percentage, which has a certain dollar value.

What If I Don’t Agree with the DEU Rating?

When a rating comes out from the DEU, there are strict time limits for you to act, and strict grounds for your objection. “That’s too low,” is not a valid basis.

According to the State of California, ( https://www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/ ) you are only allowed to file such a request within 30 days of receiving the rating, and there are only four (4) reasons that you can select from. If you are not filing for any of the reasons listed below, your request will be categorically denied:

  1. QME or treating doctor failed to address all the issues;
  2. QME or treating doctor failed to completely address issues;
  3. Evaluation procedures were not followed by the QME/treating doctor;
  4. The rating was incorrectly calculated.

In addition to the form, you will be required to attach copies of the following documents for review:

  1. Summary rating determination, and
  2. The QME and/or your doctor’s report, and
  3. Any other information that supports your appeal request.

We Are Here To Help You

The Workers’ compensation system is supposed to be simple – but often is more complicated than it should be. If you feel you are not getting the workers’ comp benefits that you may deserve, you may want to get further information about your options. Thomas F. Martin, a leading workers’ compensation attorney with decades of experience, is here to help you get an accurate rating.

For further information about workers’ compensation ratings and California workers compensation, contact us at 714-547-5025 for a confidential and free consultation.

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