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Basic Benefits of California Workers’ Compensation

If you are seriously injured in a work-related accident, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. It’s important to understand the basic benefits in the state of California so you can get the proper compensation.

California’s Workers Compensation laws protect employees when they are injured on the job. What this means is that employers are required by state law to pay workers’ compensation to any worker that is injured on the job. The basic benefits cover the following:

Medical Care

With a serious injury comes serious medical bills. Workers’ compensation will help pay for any medical bills relating to the injury or illness caused by an accident on the job or sub-standard working conditions.

Temporary Disability Benefits

If you miss time due to an injury, you are entitled to temporary disability benefits that will help cover any lost wages during that period you aren’t able to work.

Permanent Disability Benefits

Some injuries or illnesses are so severe that you will never be able to return to that line of work. If this is the case for you, permanent disability benefits can be claimed to help make up for standard wages you are no longer able to earn.

Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits

If you are unable to return to your old job because of an injury/illness, workers’ compensation can pay back any expenses related to job retraining or skill enhancement education.

Though the basic benefits are easy to understand, California workers’ compensation laws can be very complex. It helps to have a professional workers’ compensation attorney working for you who will make sure all the documentation is prepared correctly for the claim and help get you the best possible workers’ compensation settlement. Without a lawyer, you might not get the compens­­ation you deserve, which could put you and your family at great financial risk. Thomas F. Martin and his associates are the exact law professionals you need. With a specialty in workers’ compensation law, Thomas and his team will get you the settlement you deserve.

To learn more about California workers’ compensation laws or to get started with your personal workers’ compensation claim, contact the law offices of Thomas F. Martin, PLC. today!

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