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3 Important Steps to Initiate Workers’ Compensation Benefits

When you suffer a work injury that keeps you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. While every case is unique and requires individual analysis, there are 3 general steps to take to initiate your Workers Compensation claim:

1. Don’t Wait to Report Your Injury!

Delaying the report of an injury to your employer is a major reason claims are denied. Some injured workers gamble that the pain may “go away” only to find out that it doesn’t – and this gives the employer or its claims administrator an opening to convince a Judge the accident happened somewhere else, or at some other time. The bottom line is immediate reporting protects your potential workers’ compensation claim.

2. Report to a Doctor

Immediately documenting your injury or condition with a doctor is important evidence. Request that your employer arrange immediate medical treatment, and if your employer refuses, consider seeing your health insurance doctor or an urgent care clinic/emergency room.

3. Ask your supervisor or Human Resources Department for a Claim Form

Formalizing your claim with the employer with a Workers Compensation Claim form ( DWC-1) is the best way to let your employer know you are claiming workers compensation benefits because it formally initiates the claim with the employer (but not the Workers’ Compensation court). If your employer refuses to give you a Claim Form, consider documenting the refusal in writing.

We Are Here To Help You

We get it. When you are faced with a work-related injury or condition, putting up with an employer or claims adjuster delaying medical treatment and wage replacement benefits is the last thing you need.

We are here to help. If you want to learn more about getting your claim started, call us at 714-547-5025.

The consultation is always free and confidential.

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